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Hello, dear entrant!

Thank you for your interest in our institute!

In this section you will find all necessary information about the rules, and most importantly you will know who is a Bachelor in International Relations.

Qualifications of the Bachelor in International Relations in the field of scientific, technological and industrial cooperation involves the performance of the following duties:

  • expert and consultant in the field of international relations and international innovation;
  • manager of international projects related to scientific and technological cooperation;
  • analyst of the international market of high-technology products.

The main activities of the IIR graduates:

  • the development of modern international cooperation in the field of science, engineering and technology;
  • activities of the major international organizations and associations;
  • management of international business projects related to innovation and high technologies;
  • organization and support for joint ventures involving high technology and technology investments;
  • analysis of the competitive international market of high-technology products.

Studies in these areas direct students to work in organizations and units of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Science, the State Corporation "Rosatom", the Russian Space agency , "Rosoboronexport ", in other governmental agencies and foreign companies, Russian missions to international organizations and industrial associations engaged in projects of international scientific and technological cooperation.

Educational background of the IIR graduate ensures fluency in modern information and communication technologies, as well as the optimal combination of natural sciences, humanities and foreign languages.

Admission to the Bachelor program

The total number of students admitted to the full-time bachelor program - 70 people, among them:

25 competitive seats, funded from the federal budget;

45 places for studying on a contract basis (dormitory may be provided) .

Competitions for the admission to the contract (paid) studying and places financed from the federal budget are separate.

Applicants who have not passed the competition for places financed from the federal budget, can participate in the competition for the available space (if any) for studying under the contract.

Enrollment is conducted by the USE(United state exams) results:

  • English;
  • Russian language;
  • History.

The selection committee of NRNU MEPhI opens for entrants from 20 June , Monday - Friday from 10 to 18 hours.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the selection committee is working from 10 to 14 hours.

The application for admission to the Institute must include:

  • Document of Secondary Education;
  • Exam certificates.



Admission to the Master's

Admission to the Master’s program in IIR NRNU MEPhI runs on a competitive basis.

Entrance exams:

  • English
  • International Relations.

The following documents are needed to apply: passport and an ID of a citizen to be called up or military ID from military service.

Nonresident applicants are provided with a dormitory for the time of entrance exams after the application.

Full information on the rules of admission to the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI can be found on the Official Website of NRNU MEPhI (http://mephi.ru/entrant/entrant2010/index.php).



Preparatory courses

Preparatory faculty of NRNU MEPhI organizes preparatory courses for the entrants.

 Tel. : (495)324 -60-40





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