Department №55 "International Relations"

The department number 55 was created in 2001 and took on the task of training in the following areas:

  • organizational support of the international projects of the nuclear industry, including technical, legal, economic and other aspects;
  • analysis of the non-proliferation regime of nuclear weapons, with a view to its importance to the development of nuclear technology;
  • political aspects of the modern world in terms of prospects for the expansion of international scientific and technological cooperation;
  • development and practical application of export controls and patent law.

Topics covered by the researches of the department’s students:

The conservation and strengthening of strategic stability in the context of the modern world of presence of nuclear technology and nuclear weapons.
Nuclear energy systems of the world and the possibility of expanding scientific and technological relations with Russia in the nuclear field.
Formation of world`s public opinion on the development of nuclear power and the ability to influence it.
Environmental aspects of global technological progress.
Alliances in the global nuclear power industry, the analysis of their performance in the coordinates of "partner - competitor."
The problems of creation and functioning of modern educational institutions and educational systems in the areas of high technology.
The problems of nuclear education and preservation of nuclear knowledge.


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