The basis of the curriculum is a federal standard of higher professional education in the field of International Relations , which consists of educational blocks:

International relations;
Science education
Business education
International law
Special language training


Language training: English (including courses: scientific and technical vocabulary, legal vocabulary, business vocabulary, socio-political vocabulary, the practice of translation, cross-cultural communication, topical issues of the day), a second foreign language (Spanish, German , French, or Chinese - by choice).
General humanities and social sciences: Russian history, culture, Russian language and culture of speech, sociology, political science, philosophy, rhetoric, physical education.
Legal education: law, constitutional law of foreign countries , international law, the basics of economics and intellectual property rights, export control.
General professional training: basic theory of international relations, an introduction to the profession, the regional aspects of international relations, contemporary Russian foreign policy, international integration and international organizations, the present-day conflicts and problems of their settlement, the process of foreign policy making in the Russian Federation, the diplomatic and consular service, the problems of national security and arms control, world politics, situational analysis, applied psychology, economics, world economy and international economic relations, mathematical methods of project management, risk management , management of scientific and technological projects, international scientific and technological co-operation, public relations (in English language) .
Science education: natural scientific basis of chemical and biological technology , higher mathematics, general physics.
Information technologies: office information technologies, information security, databases, project management.
Scientific and technological education: perspective scientific technologies, environmental protection and environment-friendly technologies, the physics basis of modern technology, modern problems of chemical and chemical - biological sciences, international scientific and technical cooperation in the aerospace field , systemology, nuclear physics technology and non-proliferation issues , international military-technical cooperation, economic and competitive analysis.


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