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NRNU MEPhI today is the only university in Russia , which in one of its divisions prepares specialists in the field of international scientific, technological and industrial cooperation. This division is the Institute of International Relations (IIR) , which acts as part of the Faculty of Management and Economics of High technologies.

IIR has developed and is permanently improving it’s approach to the organization of the educational process, which allows the bachelor of international relations to obtain the necessary knowledge of the humanities , combining them with in-depth training in key high technologies and problems of their development and distribution in the modern world. Basic science education provides an opportunity not only to develop knowledge about the latest technologies , but also to anticipate promising areas of improvement, as well as the main areas of cooperation in the field of science and industry. To this end, an interdisciplinary curriculum includes increased volume of scientific, technological and specific legal disciplines.

Further study for Masters degree in international relations allows to significantly deepen the knowledge obtained during the bachelor program and to improve the necessary skills.

Bachelor degree program includes 4 years of studies and Masters degree program includes 2 years. Students have the possibility to receive military training in the military department .

The major activities of the IMO MEPhI are training analysts , managers , IT specialists and PR- technologies for staffing international activities carried out by domestic agencies, organizations and businesses , as well as private firms in various fields of high technology.

Members of IIR Masters program take an active part in the implementation of the orders of the President of the Russian Federation on the formation of the Institute of representatives of SC "Rosatom" for the development of international nuclear cooperation in different countries.

Educational background of the IIR graduate guarantees:

fundamental physics and maths knowledge and general technical training in promising areas of modern high -tech ;
high level of general and special language training in the most relevant foreign languages;
extensive knowledge in the theory and practice of international relations , political science, political decision-making algorithms ;
knowledge of methods of situational analysis and competitive systems analysis;
skills of using modern information and communication tools, systems and networks.

High quality of education is reflected in the result of social rating of Russian universities - in the field of International Relations NRNU MEPhI took 4th place .

IIR constantly increases the number of students participating in foreign training and internship programs in scientific and educational institutions of the European countries and China.

The curriculum is based on the federal standard of the educational programs of higher professional education in the field of study "International Relations", which consists of training modules :

International relations;
Science education ;
Business education ;
International law ;
Special language training .

First specialists graduated from IIR MEPhI in 2005.




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