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With increased participation of Russian governmental and non-governmental organizations in various international projects increases the importance of the role of qualified managers capable of selecting promising scientific and technological achievements, of working professionally in foreign markets of high-tech products and high technology, of carrying out legal, financial and organizational cooperation, of making analytical researches in this sphere and taking into account the characteristics of different countries and regions, as well as the current and future political situation.

Understanding of the situation has led to the discovery of a new NRNU MEPhI specialization "International Science and Technology Cooperation ", fulfilled in the framework of the IIR.

IIR NRNU MEPhI was founded in March 1999 as a result of a joint initiative by Russian Ministry of Atomic Energy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and other ministries and departments to prepare graduates and retrain specialists in "International Relations" (Federal interdisciplinary educational standard 350200 , specialization "International scientific and technological cooperation " ) .

To support the foundation of the IIR the Minister of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation E. Adamov in a letter to the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation V. Filipov said: "... Ensuring the expanding international cooperation sector will require additional involvement of qualified personnel, combining knowledge in International Relations with basic science knowledge ... ".

Only NRNU MEPhI at that time met all the requirements necessary for a successful preparation of the specialists in International scientific and technological cooperation - thanks to the advanced scientific and technical basis of many advanced technologies of the modern world, that allowed to introduce a wide range of scientific knowledge to the students.

Director of the IIR – Boris Tulinov, previously worked at the Department of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, where he challenged the scientific-technological safety issues and strategic stability of the Russian Federation. He graduated from the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University, the Higher School of Economics under the leadership of academician Aganbegian, International School of Technology Business. Was the manager of a number of international scientific and technological cooperation projects with the United States, Argentina and other countries.





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